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If you are looking to make the change to a healthy lifestyle, finding the right gym or personal trainer can be a crucial first step.  The motivation, support, and expertise provided can impact your results in a big way.

Let us help point you in the right direction.  We have worked with the following gyms and trainers and are confident recommending them as the best in Nashville.








  • Jack Haynes (Next Level Fitness)
  • Josh Meyers (Takes 2 Fitness)
  • Ted Rapp (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Payton Young (Impact Fitness)
  • Dion Harris (Nashville Athletic Club, Franklin Athletic Club)
  • Anthony Perkins (Next Level Fitness)
  • Brandi Binkley (Physiofit)
  • Min Kim (Lean)
  • Stephanie Cash (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Paula Gourneau (Westside Athletic Club)
  • Larry Baker (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Brian Cockerham (Next Level Fitness)
  • Adam Lee (Inner Strength)
  • Sonny Jones (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Allen Parker (Next Level Fitness)
  • Ward Williams (Next Level Fitness)
  • Richie Lee (Camp Karisma)
  • Ben Moore (Go Performance)
  • Caleb Ferguson (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Louie Oropeza (Next Level Fitness)
  • Jake Mingledorff (Physiofit)
  • Ashley Simpson (YMCA of Middle TN)
  • Adam Matacale (Basics and Beyond, Adam Matacale Training)